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What is Single Origin Coffee?

"Single Origin Coffee" stands for coffee grown in a specific farm or region, that promises better traceability of the products. Much like wine, signle origin coffee is deeply influenced by the "terroir" in many aspects, these differences in micro-climate give single origin coffee unique charisma. With the efforts from farmers and coffee professionals, the records of coffee production and processing become acknowledgeable, and consumers can taste single origin coffees with high confidence.

"The Third Wave of coffee" encourages consumer to know more about the coffee they drink, as well as how the terroir will affect its flavor.

Influences to Farmers brought by Specialty Coffee

Along with the increased demand and elevated taste, the role of coffee has been changed from functional drink that keeps people awake, to addiction drink that people seek for its flavors and cultural aspects. Coffee farmers and professionals respond to this trend with deeper research in variety selection, improvement of cultivation, advancement in processing, and etc., and these activities brought new dynamics and possibilities to specialty coffee.

Reshaping value chain via direct trade conducts

Roasters are the media between producers and consumers!

Roasters go to the farms where coffees are grown, in order to have deeper dialogues with producers, to look for unique flavors, to be connected closely with the origins; on the other hand, producers gain more market knowledge and consumer feedback from such dialogues. This bi-lateral sharing of information has brought up positive change to the industry, plus the improvement of quality due to direct trading, which breaks the oligopoly of traditional traders, all contribute to the reshaping of the value chain of coffee industry.

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