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BEMO Musician Series Surprising Combo
Musically Amusing Coffee from Costa Rica
NTD 800
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No one can resist the temptation of Music

The Musician Series coffee beans are SHB grade high quality beans produced in the high mountains of Costa Rica, with the average altitude between 1,700~ 1,950 meters from sea level. Name after famous classic musicians, Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, these coffees stand-out with unique flavors of fruits, wines, and teas.

Poás Volcano (2,708m), Barva Volcano (2906m) and Irazú Volcano (3,432 m) are located in central Costa Rica, bringing rich minerals, such as substances, phosphides and sulfides to the soil of central Costa Rica. The slightly acidic soil made central Costa Rica a world-renowned coffee producing area.

BEMO Cafe presents the Costa Rica Musician Series Surprising Combo, bringing various flavors of coffee into 1 box.

Costa Rica Musician Series Bach Raisin Honey Process * 4 Pack

Flavor Descriptions: Blackberry, Raisin, Cacao, Whisky

Costa Rica Musician Series Beethoven Washed * 4 Pack

Flavor Descriptions: Neroli, Orange, Earl Grey Milk Tea

Costa Rica Musician Series Mozart Raisin Honey Process * 2 Pack

Flavor Descriptions: Neroli, Cantaloupe, Strawberry Jam, Winey

The actual items shipped depend on seasonal coffee availability.