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Xpansion Series: BEMO Café X Johnnp
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BEMO Café X All-around Artist Johnnp

Johnnp has multiple identities; he is an graphic designer and illustrator, and has served as a DJ, and a photographer for brands. His illustrations all use music and sound as the sources of inspiration, he controls the decorative art of complex composition, and walks through minimalism. In 2015, held the first solo exhibition cooperated with handmade classic bicycle brand, and then Johnnp was invited to hold a solo exhibition in Takamatsu, Japan; Beyond those experience, his artworks served as covers for records and magazines, illustrations in magazines, and many other occassions.

In 2017, he continued to create "The Song Stuck In My Head Project" with the goal of one hundred songs and one hundred illustrations. The last 10 sets of illustrations have created new musical connections with various musicians, and are constantly looking for new ways to present illustrative works.

The Ceremony for Pressing Start Button

For Johnnp, coffee is the starting point of every day. A cup of delicious single-origin coffee with fruit acid aroma will infuse him with the energy of creation and work all day. The delicious single-origin coffee not only invigorates the spirit physically, but also provides enjoyment on the taste buds. It is also the best reason to meet friends and lovers.

The design inspiration for this time starts from the aphrodisiac role that coffee plays in our lives. In the colder season, we will get together with friends, lovers and family members. Just hold a cup of coffee to get warm!

Flavor Descriptions

Citrus, Walnut milk, Dark Chocolate