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Means of Delivery

  1. Orders will be processed as the payments are confirmed, and products are expected to arrive within 14 working days (weekend and statutory holidays excluded).
  2. Shipping will be made via EMS, Pelican, TA-Q-BIN, SF-express, or HCT Logistics.
  3. If the order cannot be fulfilled, consumers will be noticed within 2 working days, unless otherwise regulated by law.

Return and Exchange of Goods

  1. If customer finds any defect or damage or shortage of parts after receiving the goods, and wish to make exchange of goods, please contact customer service via e-mail: within 7 days. BEMO Café will handle the inquiry ASAP.
  2. There is a cooling-off period of 7 days when customer receives the goods, and refund can be made within the period. Please note that tasting of goods will affect rights to return or exchange.
  3. The following circumstances may affect the rights to return:
    • Removal of seal, tag, sticker, label, or damage of package without necessity for inspection of goods.
    • Damage, loss, or alteration of goods attributable to customers for reasons beyond necessary inspection.
  4. Paper receipt (Invoice) must be enclosed with the goods when making return.
  5. When making return or exchange of goods, please obtain receipt from courier and keep it until the process is completed.