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BEMO strives to become Your Personal Barista!

BEMO is specialized in single-serve specialty coffee for customers’ needs. Work with local artisan roasters and together with our made-to-order service to ensure our customers to taste freshly light roasted coffee. BEMO continues to experiment, test, and design the best roasting method for each coffee variety to offer you a cup of coffee with a supreme flavor.

Artisan Coffee Roasters
Artisan Coffee Roasters
Artisan Roasters

Since the beginning of "The Third Wave of Coffee" culture two decades ago, this new way of enjoying coffee has become a trend all around the world. From Northern Europe, to the Americas; from west to east; from single origin to specialty coffee, the search of one cup of excellence has brought coffee professionals to the origin of coffee. By looking deep into the details, the long value chain of coffee, from farm to cup, has been improved and elevated continuously, all thanks to the braveness and devotion of these coffee lovers. Let's cherish the rich flavor and aroma of the cup being held at hand, the best moment.

Single Origin Coffee
Single Origin Coffee
Single Origin Coffee

"Single Origin Coffee" stands for coffee grown in a specific farm or region, that promises better traceability of the products. Much like wine, single origin coffee is deeply influenced by the "terroir" in many aspects, these differences in micro-climate give single origin coffee unique charisma. With the efforts from farmers and coffee professionals, the records of coffee production and processing become acknowledgeable, and consumers can taste single origin coffees with high confidence.

Discover our series
  1. Building Personal Flavor Wheel
    BEMO Cafe helps with the building of personal flavor wheels by recording preferences, and providing tasting packages for new products.
  2. Make to subscription Services
    Customized production to subscription services, from design to packaging, from roasting to grinding, ensures the freshness of the coffee to your hand.
  3. Enjoying the Flavor of Coffee Anytime
    BEMO Cafe takes care of the coffee variety, and the balance of roasting and grinding, you need to do is to control the temperature and volume of water, and a cup of great coffee is available, any place, anytime.